Caring Hands at Eastview Food Pantry

Help serve your community through our DMARC food pantry at Eastview Community Center.

Caring Hands Eastview food pantry is a collaboration between Caring Hands Outreach in Altoona and DMARC. The services are available to everyone regardless of income level. All you need is an ID with your name and birth-date on it. If you are unable to provide an ID, a limited amount of TEFAP food is available. We offer the food pantry with meat, dairy, canned goods, cereal, and staples. Being associated with DMARC allows an individual or family to access these items once a month. A total of twelve items per family member is offered. We also have weekly food items available. These include bread, produce, bakery, and personal items. An individual or family may take advantage of these once a week. All food pantry items are subject to donations and availability. The hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 2 pm - 5 pm and Friday 10 am - 2 pm. We do follow the Des Moines Public Schools severe weather schedule. So the pantry will close on days that the schools close.

You may also sign up to help at our Food Pantry. We are looking for multiple volunteers to assist clients with selecting their groceries, work the check-in software, or pick up food from local businesses and bring to the center. These tasks are easy and require minimal time commitment, but can change the lives of those in need. Visit our Caring Hands at Eastview Food Pantry Volunteer Sign-up for more information and available shifts!