Attend Services Online

Live Stream Service Sundays at 10:30 AM.

Welcome to our Live Stream!

Thank You for joining us online today! Our service is live streamed right here every Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. We take communion together the first Sunday of each month, so we encourage you to join us from home. You can also find more information about our announcements and activities, or give online using the menu above. Please feel free to stay awhile and explore our website to learn more about Family Church! Finally, if you are having trouble viewing the live stream, scroll down below for some technical recommendations. We hope you enjoy your time with Family Church Online!

Experiencing Issues?

Every week we closely monitor the live stream throughout the service to ensure that the connection, visual and sound quality is adequate. But as with everything related to the internet, there are many points in the process that can cause problems. If you are experiencing issues while watching the live stream service, please check the following:

  • Verify there are no service issues with your internet provider
  • Run a Speed Test: Go to and search "speed test". At the top of the results page should be a box titled Internet Speed Test. Click the "Run Speed Test" button to assure you're getting your expected speed, and that it's fast enough to stream reliably.
  • Try viewing videos directly on Vimeo, YouTube, or Facebook to see if there are similar problems
  • Try a different browser, or refresh your page
  • Review Vimeo's System Requirements and confirm that your device, apps and internet connection are compatible
  • Sound/Volume: Check the volume level on the play bar at the bottom of the video player, the volume level on your device, and the volume knob on external speakers. Note that many laptops don't project much volume, so you may need to use an external speaker or earphones to increase your volume.

Still having issues? Let us know right away! We will try to help where possible!